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Lessons Learned In 2022 ( part 2)

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Anyone else learn a lot of lessons in 2022?

Me, too.

I already posted a part 1 of this series, but the lessons were so plentiful that I needed to do a part 2.

Here it goes ....


Don't Wait - I know patience is a virtue, but sometimes it's important to just build the thing, create the thing, go for the thing!! In my case, I really wanted to build a bigger community in Nashville. Instead of wishing and hoping people would welcome me into their circles, I built a circle. I've been in love with Nashville for awhile and I wanted to build a stronger network and friend circle. So, I started hosting meet-ups (see pic) when I was in town. Sometimes the invite was, "First round on me!" and other times it was, "You all need to know each other because you rock!". As a result, I've started to create a wonderful circle of like-minded people from all different industries. Even more wonderful ... friendships have been created, businesses expanded, and I know there are more great times ahead in 2023!

Put Me First - Any other recovering people-pleasers out there?! Anyone else spend more time wondering what the other person is thinking vs. focusing on what you're thinking/wanting? Same. Thankfully this happened less in 2022 as I often reminded myself that the most important voice I need to listen to is my own. In 2022 I started to really trust my gut and feelings. In the past I might have gotten an internal nudge that something was off, but I ignored it because I didn't want to be "too dramatic", "too needy", "too ____". Not anymore. Trusting myself and honoring my instincts has helped me build even greater self-value and self-respect.

People Can Surprise You - Now this can be both in good and bad ways, but in 2022 I kept being surprised at how the most good came from the most unexpected people. Take for example my neighbor. I never thought that the day I stopped by her open door to compliment her interior design that her friendship would turn into one the highlights of my year. We are opposites in A LOT of ways. I bet on paper there would be more categories where we differ than match-up, but that doesn't matter. She has been a calming presence through some tumultuous days. She has made me belly laugh more times than I can count. Most importantly, she has made me a better person. Sometimes we think we've got people figured out or that our friend circle might be closed, but people really can surprise you.

So, cheers to lessons learned and cheers to all that are to come in 2023!

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