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Sunny Days in 2023!

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My dad lives independently in a bustling retirement community. People are always coming and going — walking, driving, or catching rides on the trams or in vans.

The other day he and I were coming home from a doctor’s appointment when we pulled up to the building where the mail room is located. I waited in the circle drive while he got out.

As we were about to pull away, a lady pushing a walker flagged me down.
“Can you give me a ride to lunch?” She asked.

“Of course! Let me come help you.”

I walked around my car and opened the door to help her get in.

“What do we do with the mobie?” I asked, handling her rolling walker.

“I usually just put it in the back.”

Hmmm. I’m not sure this is going to fit.

“Does it collapse somehow?” I ask from the sidewalk.

“No, it just goes in the back.”

“Okay! I’ll figure it out.”

I laugh awkwardly to myself. I usually consider myself a smart women. But there’s no way this thing folds up. Or at least, I can’t figure out how! Plus, she’s got a little basket type thing in the middle under the seat with all of her personal items that she rolls around with. I’d have to take that thing off…what would I do with that? Lunch ends at 1:30, Melanie figure this out! I decide to just leave it as is and try to get it to fit in the back of my car. I pull the third row of seats down to make room.

“It fits!” I said as I climbed back into the driver’s seat. “Everyone ready?”

“Oh my goodness! Wait a minute! You’re not from transportation?!”

I chuckle. “No ma’am, I’m not. I’m Rick’s daughter.”

We all began laughing as I pulled out of the driveway to head to lunch.

Turns out, her name is Sunny and she’s an absolute delight.

Most importantly, Sunny is everything I’m taking with me into 2023:

Not everything is what you think it is, and that’s okay. Sometimes we have to take what’s in front of us and just go with it. A smile and a little kindness go a very long way. It’s totally okay to boldly ask for what you need.

Life's journey can be unexpected and awkward at times, but that’s usually when you meet the best people and have the best experiences. There’s always enough room for the things that matter.

I’m taking nothing but Sunny vibes with me into 2023. Happy New Year to you all!
Hang in there, ya'll! xo

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