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Challenge: Share your mom lessons

Lessons from My Mommy

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Things I learned from my Mom:

How to cook. It may not be fancy, but it’s always delicious! She’s taught me the skills and confidence to try new things and sometimes even know how to save things I royally screw up!

How to save and be frugal. My mom grew up without a lot and so made sure my sister and I always got what we needed (and wanted), but only if it was on sale! She taught me the thrill of getting a good deal and the pride in saving, knowing my family will have more because I took the time to wait for sales and use coupons.

How to sew. I think sewing is a lost art. My mom learned to sew out of necessity and taught my sister and I as she continued to make clothes for us as well as dance costumes. I’m nowhere near the level of awesomness in the sewing department of her, but I’m glad that I can do enough to make my kids’ Halloween costumes as well as miscellaneous items for around the house.

How to love endlessly. I wasn’t always an easy kid (and frankly, neither was my sister) but our mom never stopped loving us and most importantly, she never stopped showing her love for us. And now as a grandma, nothing has changed. She cares for my kids through their most trying times with infinite patience, kindness and love.

How to do laundry and iron. Hahaha, just kidding. There is a chance I have a pile of stained clothes waiting for her to come back to Florida and help me with. And I rarely visit her without asking “can you iron this for me?” (sadly, I’m really not good at stain removing or ironing…)

And most importantly:

How to be selfless. My mom is one of the most amazing, giving and helpful people I know. She will go out of her way to help someone else and to make sure others are happy. She never puts herself first, rather putting the needs of others ahead of hers. She is a people-pleaser but not in the “I want everyone to like me” sort of way but in the “I truly want everyone to be happy” way and I admire her for that and strive every day to live my life as she does.

This is just a snapshot of the millions of things I’ve learned from my Mom (and Gran’ma and Nana and Aunts and all the other amazing women and mommies I’ve had in my life!) I’m so lucky to have such wonderful role models in mommying and resources to go to for help. And my children are so lucky to have two wonderful Grandmas, three loving Great-Grandmas and numerous Aunts who love and cherish them. Of all the things we have in this world, nothing is more important or special to me than my family because no matter the distance between us, love always fills the expanse!

Me and my mom:

One Hot Mama!-1983 One Hot Mama!-1983 Boating-1985 Boating-1985
Sea World-1993 Sea World-1993 High School Graduation-2002 High School Graduation-2002
Wedding-2007 Wedding-2007 With Honeybun-2008 With My-Oldest Daughter 2008

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