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LEGO and Laundry

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Introducing your child to LEGOs can actually help with housework.

Don't believe me?

It's true.

LEGO has been a huge part of gift giving for the past 19 years or so, but my love of LEGO started many years before.

When I was a little girl, I would empty the pantry much to the chagrin of my very organized grandmother. I could sit on the kitchen floor for hours creating building huge towers and bridges spanning from one end of the room to the other. Grandma spent a large part of her day maneuvering around and over my creations. I remember the hushed tones saying, "What if those cans fall on her toes?" Don't worry, I survived, but grandma garnered a few extra grey hairs.

That Christmas, I was gifted my first LEGO set, and the pantry was declared off limits to my architectural pursuits.

From the time they could scoot around, my children had the same tendencies. Anything and everything could be turned into a building block.

LEGO to the rescue!

Never mind the math and science skills they are learning, my couch always has cushions on it. Instead of climbing over life sized creations made from boxes and cans, I find myself dodging little bricks, which lie in wait for me to run through the living room with bare feet.

Invest in sturdy slippers for yourself,and the other unsuspecting adults in your house, when you purchase your first LEGO set. You'll thank me later.

We started off with Duplo and worked our way up to Mindstorms.

Under my tree you will find blocks for everyone big and small. From LEGO Friends to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings sets, it is always a very Merry LEGOmas over here!

My son is the biggest LEGOholic of all. He lives and breathes bricks. He has been wishing for a Mindstorms kit for years. We compromised on Technic sets and purchased quite a few extra motors. Many creations walk our halls day and night.

Of course, we also subscribe to LEGO magazine, which is free.

No, really.

Go sign up now. My kids love when a new magazine shows up in the mailbox. Plus they have two editions - preschool and big kid.

The benefits of LEGOs are endless.

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Math and Science Skills
  • Laundry

Yes, you read that right - laundry.

In an attempt to win a Mindstorms kit, my son entered a prototyping challenge where he designed a LEGO Laundry Helper which folds and sorts shirts. He had me sold when he told me I would never have to fold his shirts again.




Guess what? He won.


I'm looking forward to my new laundry helper!

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