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Last names don't tie you together- she does

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I learnt something yesterday, I'm not sure if it would have mattered in the long run, because of the classic, everything happens for a reason, but here goes.

Families, loved ones and kids, we all suffer from simply not communicating. The conversations we should have had, could have made things all a lot clearer for everyone in the beginning.

We are a blended family - My husband, my kids, my family, his, my husband's first child, her mother Emma and her family.

We are a ripple of different families, together in one. We may not all have the same last name, but we have one name that ties us together for life, love and forevership, that name is Kailey.

No matter what happens in life, Kailey is 1 of my 4 kids, with Kailey comes a whole other family, which is mine now too, no matter what .

Yesterday, I had one of the best days I've had for a long time, a week post surgery, home with the kids, I sat talking for hours with Emma's sister. Someone who when I first came on the scene, had wanted to square punch me in the face 🤣🤣

All these years later, we can laugh about it and as a mum now myself, boy do I get why she was fiercely protective of her little sister and her little niece when I did come along.

If you told me back then, that my then boyfriends, ex girlfriends, sister - who is best friends with said boyfriends ex girlfriend ,

Would one day turn out to be one of the truest friends in my life with my now 3 kids,

I probably would have thought now that's some crazy Jerry Springer shit right there!

But look, that's exactly what it is. we laughed and it was therapeutic, to talk about how stupid we were once and how good we are now.

My kids jumped all over her, making phone calls to Dora, and she loves them.

I labelled Kaileys mum back then, wrongly. She has turned out to be one of the very few friends I actually have, one of the only people I would trust with my kids if I needed someone. Someone who I know loves for my kids and my husband genuinely.

But let's face it. There is generally a period of time in the beginning when someone's some new skank and someone's the baby momma. 🤣🤦‍♀️🥰

What's great is, life throws you maturity and it turns out, your both just trying to do what you can - to protect your heart.

Drop your guards, ignore the BS , have a freaking conversation. I wish we had x

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