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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

From 'Pajama Day' to 'Wear Green Day': Keeping up with school spirit week is wearing me out

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One day, around the holidays, usually on one of the coldest days of the year, my kids excitedly proclaim, “It’s Pajama Day!”

Hopefully, I have read the PTA email reminding me of this. Otherwise, street clothes it is!

"Let's pretend these sweatpants are your pajamas," I exclaim!

I usually don't have to worry because my kids usually harp on the fact that Pajama Day is on the horizon. The days leading up to it are spent scouring their closets for the cleanest, stain-free, unripped pajamas that are presentable enough to be worn in public. Additionally, they can’t be “babyish,” “mismatched,” or “hand-me-downs.”

Unfortunately, the only pair that meet all the necessary criteria happen to be that itchy pair grandma sent last year for Christmas.

Finally, I give up and head over to Target.

I cannot even tell you how many harried parents I run into in the pajama section. We catch each other’s eye and with a knowing look we ask, “Pajama Day?” With a sigh and a nod we are on our way.


There are so many themed days at school, I am worn out.

Superhero Day, Sports Day, Freaky Friday, Crazy Hair Day, Twin Day...

I spend more money on themed clothing than I'd like to admit.

My older kids are usually over Spirit Week by the time they reach high school. Last week, Pajama Day was scheduled on picture day at my oldest son's school.


Just last night, my kids reminded me that Friday is "Wear Green Day!"

What is the one color shirt we don't own?

You guessed it … green!

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