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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Keep calm, and pack booze!

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  1. Ahhh traveling with kids (and dogs.) Advice? Pack booze. You're gonna need it! We bought a camper. We thought this would be a great way to travel from Pa to NC for our very first family vacation. We packed all 5 kids, ages, 5, 5, 6, 7, 16 and our dog, and headed south. We thought it would be best if we stop in VA to spend the night. We stopped at a gas station at 11 pm to fuel up. While leaving the gas station, we ironically caught the tire on the part of the station designed to keep people from catching their tire. We bent the axel of our camper and therefore couldn't drive it. So, we unhooked it in the parking lot and left it over night, while we drove around for 45 minutes looking for a hotel that could accommodate 7 people and a dog. The next morning, we were told that since it was a Saturday, they couldn't fix it until Monday. So we decided to drive to Va. beach for two days. We couldn't find a hotel close to the beach on short notice, that again could accommodate 7 people and a dog.. so we found one about 10 miles away. We reserved two rooms. We made the 4 hour trip still having high hopes of resurrecting this family vacation. When we arrived, we walked in the first room, on the bottom floor. We walked around the dim lit room with carpet from 1962. Our dachshund ran around the room and came out from under the bed with a pair of black cheeky underpants in her mouth. My kids said.. "Dad, look the dog has underpants in her mouth." My husband (who is a vet and is totally cool with gross disgusting things) grabbed the underpants from the dog and said. "Give me those. Those are your mom's" I said.. "Um no, they're not mine!" My husband raced to the sink scrubbing like he was prepping for surgery, and we promptly checked out of that place! 40cbab29f2d2bc053c3d6f5fe8b6de8faa9f8ecd.jpeg

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