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Challenge: Bedtime Secrets

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We began this bedtime routine at 4 weeks and Dominic began sleeping through the night at 7 weeks and has been going strong every since, as he is 5 months old now! Dominic is exclusively breastfed, with one pumped bottle for bedtime!

For our bedtime routine we follow the '4 B's'





During this routine we listen to soothing disney lullabies!

We have opted for bottle to be first so he can get out a poop and good burps before his bath and bed so that way he won't wake up in the middle of the night with a poopy diaper or gas pains.

After his bath we do all of his hygiene things; such as, clean his ears and nose, brush his gums, comb his hair, lotion him up and put him in his footed pajamas! (we were never ones to swaddle, but whatever works for you) We then dim the lights in preparation for our book (we always read Goodnight Moon).

After our book, we turn the white noise on and lullabies off. We then give our snuggles, kisses and 'i love yous' followed by lying him down and out of the room we go as he drifts from drowsy to dreamland!

Check out our bedtime routine remix video here! :)

Good luck to all of you mommas out there, you're doing great! Momming isn't easy and if this post can help even one person then it was worth it to post because we all need our zzz's!

Love, Julie & Dominic

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