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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

It's Time To Teach Them About Actively Playing A Positive Role In Our Community

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"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop

Even our littlest ones can learn about being part of the community and contributing in small ways. It's not too early to begin with that lesson now, and especially now when we really have needed to pull together for one-another. Being a good neighbor, a good friend, and a conscientious citizen is a wonderful trait to instill at any age.


The Chicken Squad is a wonderful book series that I found out about through friends who work in the TV business. I know it has been a favorite of lots of Mommies for many years. When I saw fabulous artwork and the adorable stories which taught teamwork, empathy, and citizenship, I was instantly a fan too!

Then I heard the book series by Doreen Cronin has been touched by that wonderful "Disney Magic" & brought to life for one of our favorite TV outlets, Disney Junior. These are the kind of shows Disney does so well- They have a special way of creating a space where we are learning lessons while parenting through conversations that are tucked inside of super fun family-friendly entertainment.

Now let's break it down for us Moms: If you’re at all like me when it comes to watching shows with kids or listening to music with kids it may not exactly always be the kind of stuff that you would choose to entertain yourself with in an adult world, right? I mean there’s a reason why you know all the words & the dance to the "Hot Dog Song"! We are good Moms who watch the same shows over & over because we love our kids. But what if we also could love the shows? That is what some studios (like Disney for sure) have always does for our household.

And now, as much as I love seeing some of the old-school shows I grew up with coming back again, I think it is super exciting when a fresh new show drops so we have something nobody has seen before. We can experience it all for the first time together which means we are making new memories together & it lends to an easier time planning fun family nights at home.

So what is Disney Junior's egg-citing new animated comedy-adventure series "The Chicken Squad" all about? So, the series follows a trio of young chicken siblings—Coop, Sweetie and Little Boo—and their retired search & rescue dog mentor, Captain Tully. Together, they team up on problem-solving adventures in their backyard to help their animal friends, while modeling what it means to be good community helpers & finding the joy in assisting others.

As you would expect from the musical geniuses over at The Walt Disney Company, this show comes with a soundtrack that you will be humming to yourself all day long! (I think the theme song is extra catchy because I'm a true 80's kid & I'm still a fangirl for singer Renee Sandstrom from Kids Incorporated & Wild Orchid!!) Grab the digital soundtrack, "Disney Junior Music: The Chicken Squad," featuring the theme song and music from the series starting Friday, May 14, on Walt Disney Records. It's already on all of our iPads here ;)

On Fridays after dinner, we turn on the TV in our Den at 7:30 to we sing, dance, and just hang out together for entertainment that's good for the kids & our community.

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