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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

It’s hard... I feel you.

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If you are worried and lay awake, in the wee hours of the night...I feel you.

If you are feeling a bit isolated and miss seeing a friend...I feel you.

If your home is missing the sweet spot of laughter from family and friends...I feel you.

If you miss eating at your favorite restaurant for date night...I feel you.

If you are scared a loved one can’t find a location for a vaccine...I feel you.

If you are lonely...I feel you.

If you love this time alone and your introverted self is smiling...I feel you.

If you miss the hustle and bustle on the streets, whether you live in a big city or a small town...I feel you.

If you are holding in your family’s emotions day after day and keeping it all in check, but about to lose it at any minute...I feel you.

If you are out of ideas for dinner and have lost your desire to cook...I feel you.

If you are hoping each day your children’s activities can begin so they have an outlet...I feel you.

If you are surviving on insurmountable amounts of coffee to get you through the day...I feel you.

If algebraic expressions have caused you to break out again like a teenager...I feel you.

If you hear the word Zoom one more time and want to scream or wipe it out of your vocabulary...I feel you.

If you are yearning for your kiddos to use paper and a pencil again, for fear they have forgotten how to write...I feel you.

If you worry about your kids happiness...I feel you.

If joy isn’t entering your soul as often as it once did...I feel you.

If the silver linings allow joy to seep in at every moment possible...I feel you.

If you miss the days of meeting a friend at the local coffee shop and talking for hours at the tiny table in the corner...I feel you.

If you are happy but feel a piece of you is missing...I feel you.

If you see a new independence within your child, as they navigate online learning and see life lessons emerging...I feel you.

If you see your child depending on you each day, to hold their hand to get through the day of online learning...I feel you.

If each day is a struggle with online learning taking over, emotions running high and arguments flying all over...I feel you.

If you are feeling a bit depleted and lost...I feel you.

Friends, it’s hard...
I feel you.
I see you.
I am with you.

Let’s all lean in on each other.
Through each other’s strength and support, we will be lifted and rise above.

There is a light...

I see the flicker and I am following the glimmer, with a heart full of hope.


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