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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

It will be okay

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Many nights I lay awake wondering if you will be ok……..

I know you feel alone, but you’re not alone. I am here with you.

I know you are scared, but don’t be, Mommy is here for you.

I know you don’t quite understand it all. It’s ok, because Mommy is here to help you.

You get angry and that’s ok. You have every right, because it’s not fair.

You wonder why this happened to you. Mommy will help you get through it.

You wonder if I see you. I see you, and I love you.

You wonder if I can hear you. Mommy can hear you and I’m always here to listen.

My sweet Aria……

You have the most beautiful smile and it lights up the room. You have the best manners and are respectful to everyone. Your laugh is contagious and when I feel down it warms my heart. You are so smart and like to help others. I learn more from you than I do from some seasoned adults. I love how carefree you are. Your love for art is a blessing! I enjoy watching you color or paint. You have the cutest focused look on your face. I admire you little sweet one. You have many talents and gifts. You are gonna go far in this world. Don’t ever lose site of your dreams.

There are times when you get upset, but that is understandable. You see a lot of attention going to your brother. Many different people come in and out of our home. Mommy has to help Dom more than you. When he runs off, I have to chase him so he doesn’t get lost or hurt. When he puts things in his mouth, I have to retrieve them so he doesn’t choke. When he throws himself to ground in the middle of a store, I have to pick him up. You have to witness the ugly sides of autism seeing your brother kick, hit, and scream while I try to pick his limp body off the floor while people stare, point, and whisper.

All these things you have to witness must weigh so heavily on your little heart. You are only 5 years old and I can’t imagine being you, having all of this weight on your shoulders at such a young age. Too often people forget about the autism sibling. Please know that Mom and Dad try so hard to make you feel special. We don’t want you to be sad and feel left out. You are so important to us baby girl and you are our favorite girl. Our ears are open and we are always here for you angel.

One day you will understand all of this and why your brother has autism. It will be okay; I promise…. Mommy is always here for you baby girl and I love you so much. You are such a brave and beautiful soul! You have helped your brother so much in so many ways. You help him learn new things, and you watch over him and keep him safe. You and your brother have the special bond that twins share, only yours is a bit more unique. When I don’t know what he is saying, you know! You help Mommy and Daddy, and we are so proud of you. When Dom gets hurt you tell him it will be okay. Dom is so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring sister. You will be blessed so much in life because you my daughter, have a bright and beautiful soul. You are an amazing little girl pumpkin, and we love you so much!!

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