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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

You are an Amazing Special Needs Sibling!

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A Letter to my daughter!

Dearest daughter of mine, I don’t know how I would do this thing called life without you! Having a little brother with a disability isn’t an easy job. But you do it with such grace and empathy. Every day from the moment we wake up you start caring for your brother. Before I even make it downstairs you grab him a drink and make sure he has gone to the bathroom. You do these things without me even asking. You bring so much light and joy to our family.

I know sometimes it’s hard to watch me put your brothers needs first. I know it’s not fair but you handle is so well and you always understand why. You know how to be the best helper and it now comes second nature to you. Can you even remember the time when it was just you and I? We had 4 amazing years before you became a BIG sister to a prefect little brother with a lot of needs.

Having a little brother with autism has taught you so much patience and kindness towards other kids and you are always the first one to welcome someone knew into your group of friends. I have been told by many of your teachers about how kind you are to the new kid in school, how you always invite everyone to play, how you gravitate towards kids who struggle and always help them out. You simply amaze me!

You never seem to stop amazing me! Even when I am super stressed out in a situation with your brother you always come to the rescue to help calm him down. You have such a BIG heart! ❤️ You and your brother have this unbreakable bond that just makes my heart explode! He wouldn’t be as social as he is today without you by his side.

I hope all your dreams come true!

I hope you and your brothers bond stays strong even long after I am gone!

I hope your love for reading never fades!

I hope you continue to grow and do extraordinary things!

I hope the world can see how to “Be Kind For Kyle” through your example!



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