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It Took A Pandemic to Teach Me This Mom Must-Do...

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This pandemic has been a reeeeeaaallll B.

We can all agree with that.

But it's also teaching me some valuable lessons, not least of all being how to let go.

To let go of worries,

To let go of things beyond my control,

To let go of my kids...

Getting hurt,

Getting sick,

Getting bored,

Getting school,

Getting hungry...AGAIN.

Being trapped in our house with endless hours to watch movies, play games, have dance parties, and drive each other to the absolute brink of insanity has taught me to value what actually matters.

And the rest of it?

The stuff that bogs us down and keeps us up at night...

To let all that go.

The expectations,

The to-do lists,

The comparisons,

The endless anxiety,

The dirty hair,

The dirty laundry,

The messy house.

Because friends, here is what I care about...


That's it.

The. End.

I care that my family feels safe and loved, protected and at peace.

I care that you feel kindness and comfort when you see me.

I no longer care if you notice that my yoga pants are three days old or that my clean laundry has been in a couch pile so long they arguably aren't even clean anymore.

I care about people.

I don't have time to argue politics or parties, mandates or masks.

My time will be spent hugging and making meals, sending the text and making the call.

Don't get me wrong. This pandemic is still a major life suck and I don't love it.

But I do love how it's forced a slow down and allowed space for my focus to shift.

Do I still blow it sometimes and allow the stress and overwhelm creep in and strangle the life out of me, spinning me out while I wrestle with sleep?


But am I MUCH more aware of what really matters?

You bet your bottom dollar.

So I hope you can take a second to breathe, to hold space for someone, and to help people feel more human. I don't claim to know a lot, but I am certain we have all struggled at some point in these last few months so we need each other. ❤️

Be kind friends.

You never know just how much that may mean for someone else.


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