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Challenge: Romance After Kids

It seems like a lifetime ago

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It seems like a lifetime ago, right?

That we were just two crazy in love kids,

on a cruise,

getting drunk in Mexico,

staying up late,

sleeping in,

making memories,

and being careful(ish) not to make babies.

Not yet, at least.

We weren't even married then.

It seems like a lifetime ago,

and I guess it kinda was.

It had to be 2006, I think.

Though those these days, it's hard to remember or keep track of anything, especially time.

But what I can remember about those two







slightly immature,

but stellar humans,

is that they loved,



and wanted the hell out of each other.

And, the really cool thing, well,

it’s that they still do.

In a different way, of course.

In a different manner, of course.

And not as often, of course, because raising three kids, well, it's time-consuming and a feat all its own.

But here they stand.

Still together.

Not on a cruise boat.

Not quite so in shape.

Not as impulsive.

Not as reckless.

But just as in love.

And just as inspired by and enthralled with one another as they ever were.

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