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It ain’t silver linings I’m interested in

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Tonight we went to pick up our new car.

One we put a deposit down for almost a month ago that we have been waiting and waiting for.

Tonight we drove in annoying traffic to get that bad boy.

Only we didn’t.

Because it wasn’t what we had ordered.

Then we went to a restaurant to soak our wounds and eat/drink away our despair by way of soda, wine, beer, and fried food.

Only that wasn’t good either!

From our go-to comfort food stop out came food not worth the money, slow service and just an overall disappointing experience.

Then our youngest accidentally spilled a full water on my husband because, and this is her words, “I’ve got the clumsies!”

And like her, us adult humans do too when we think our “problems” are “the worst” when really, they’re not that bad, but all the same, still bring out the worst in us.

You know, it’s easy to complain.

It’s easy to feel the world “is out to get you.”

It’s a lot harder to find the silver linings.

But me,

getting older, [and maybe wiser too? It’s debatable.]

I’m realizing that it ain’t silver I’m interested in

it’s gold

and sure as hell,

the adventure-filled life I’m living with the people I love is the kind of pure sh*t,

of the highest carat,

most people only dream about.

And it’s mine.

They are mine.

And this topsy-turvey, sometimes frustrating but ultimately grand life we’re living, it’s mine too and I’m the luckiest woman in a freakin’ world.

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