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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Is It TIme To Set Down That Burden You're Shouldering?

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It’s heavy, isn’t it?

That burden you’re shouldering right now.

Some of it is your own.

Your own worry.

Your own stress.

Your own uncertainty

Your own regret.

Your own shame.

But some of it belongs to others - people that you love, people that needed you to shoulder their own burdens for a while, people unable to carry theirs without some help, people that left it on your doorstep.

And so, you keep piling it on.

Because you can.

Because you’ve done it for so long that you forget what it’s like to set it all down.

But it’s heavy.

So heavy.

And it’s breaking you.

What would it feel like to give yourself permission to set some of it down?

To let some of it go?

To trust that maybe others can carry it instead?

To see the reality that so often carrying the load only serves to weigh us down, deplete our energy, and keep us stuck.

The truth about what you’re carrying right now is that no amount of worry or regret or shame or fear can rewrite the past.

And none of it can control our future.

So, maybe, just for today, you could think about letting some of it go.

Maybe, just for right now, you could take a few steps with a lighter load on your shoulders.

Maybe, just for a little while, you could choose to walk your path with a hopeful heart and a confident inner voice.

Because you don’t need to carry that load to be worthy or to be a good person.

So maybe it’s time to let it go.

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