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Challenge: WHO Are You?

I’m not the best version of myself…YET

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I’m not the best version of myself…YET.

And the fact that I’m not,

but that I eventually will be,

‘causes me

hella’ anxiety

and a crapload of joy.

To know that ‘the best me’ is yet to come, and that she’s just working her way to center stage

with every minute

and every moment that passes,

it’s exhilarating!

But to know that I’m not *yet* the person

I could be…

the person I should be…

the person I’m fully capable of being…

makes me feel



and even a bit guilty.

Can you relate?

Can you identify with feeling trapped by your habit of loving and accepting who you are now, but gettin' down on them because you love even more the person you wanna become but aren’t?

If so,

I’m glad I’m not alone.

I’m pleased to know that I’m not the only wackado in the world.

And I’ve got a notion I think you and I should cling on tight to from here on out,
and it’s this

if who I am is great,

but who I’ll be is better,

isn’t who is better,

at their core,

just who is great?

Now does that make any sense at all?

Here’s what I mean…

If all any of us is ever doing is improving upon who we already are,
than who we already are must be pretty damn exceptional
or we couldn’t become who we are at our finest.

So repeat after me:

Today I’m just me.

Tomorrow I’ll perhaps be a better me,

but there’s no ‘better me’ without the ‘me’ that is TODAY.

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