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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I’m a great mom because I said so, and that is enough

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I’m a great mom, because I said so... and that’s enough.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, in addition to the mood swings and the nesting, and the excitement of meeting this tiny person I made - I was scared as shit.

How am I going to keep a human alive?! How am I going to continue to excel in my career and build personal relationships while also being a “really good mom."


All of a sudden, I knew what to do. Most importantly I knew how to love her with my whole heart, and that’s all that really ever matters.

Each milestone we celebrated, whether it was crawling, talking, or walking - wasn’t just a milestone for her; it was a milestone for her parents and those that show her love everyday.

During all of this - it’s easy for a mom to feel a little bit lost when it comes to her own self-worth. All the things that were once important to you, just don’t seem as important anymore when you have this beautiful little creature that depends on you.

She doesn’t care that my hair hasn’t seen a comb in three days. She doesn’t care that I still sneak on my maternity jeans. She doesn’t notice that I have bags under my eyes from staying up all night worrying about her future. All she sees is the best mom; the one who will keep her safe and show her love.

With all that said - self care for moms is so important. If I want to live up to the “Best Mom” status that my daughter holds me to, I need to practice self care in every aspect of my life.

For me, that means cutting ties with toxic relationships. It means not comparing myself to other rockstar moms I see on social media. IT MEANS TAKING A GODDAMN SHOWER ALONE WHEN I HAVE THE CHANCE.

We’re moms. We carried and grew an ENTIRE PERSON for 9-months. We went through labor and delivery; which someone once told me was the most “badass” thing they’ve ever seen. We’ve taken care of our little people, but we are also positioning them to start developing their own perspectives of the world. We MUST remember, that when criticizing ourselves, there are always little girls in the wings watching. They’re learning from us how to judge and critique their own bodies. We must show them, as soon as we’re able, that we are strong, fierce women who care for themselves - both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So before you compare yourselves to someone else on social media or at the school pickup, just remember: there is a tiny person roaming this planet that thinks you are the most beautiful, intelligent, badass person alive. So act like it. You’ve got this.

So yes, I am good mom because I say I am good mom. And I say you’re a good freaking mom too.


Mediocre Mommy

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