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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

“I’m a good Mom,” I whisper to myself, as I google “kid free resorts.”

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I have 5 children and I work full time. I can’t decide which of the following things make me a stellar mom..

Is it the fact I have to tell my son to meet me at “the tree” after his baseball game because I can’t make it on time to watch him play?

Is it because I’ve never actually seen a volleyball game my daughter has played?

Is it because I scream at my twins on a regular because they act like wankers erray day?

Is it because when my college daughter calls me from 3 hours away with a problem (i.e. flat tire,) I tell her she’s 22 and she needs to figure it out.. like..find a place that sells air.. ? (Seriously, not to brag.. but I do give great advice, no?)

Is it because I tell my kids they can come to me with anything.. except when I’m in the shower, or sneak-eating ice-cream in the basement, or while I’m talking on the phone.. or before 7:30 am, or after 9pm (you know that’s when shit that’s been hurting since 2 Wednesday’s ago really flares up.)

The answer is yes.. all of those imperfect parenting skills make me the best mom I can be. Isn’t that what we’re all tryin’ to do? Just be the best you can be that day? I refuse to beat myself up over not being everything to everyone.. because at the end of the day, they know they’re loved and they know I’m their biggest cheerleader..

As long as they don’t ask me to actually cheer.


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