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Challenge: Life Changes

If I Can't Be A Princess, What Should I Be?

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I remember the day when I asked a standard question two toddler daughters on what they wanted to be be when they grew up. They both quickly responded with their aspirations to be princesses. I honestly couldn't blame them for their choice. Who wouldn't want to be a princess? However, my three year old followed up and stated a second goal of becoming a doctor and explained that she wanted to be in a position that helps others. My older daughter turned the tables on me and asked what I did every day when I went to work for hours at a time. Talk about reflection! I tried to explain the endless meetings that I attend to discuss long overdue projects and answering hundreds of emails on a topic that has gone on way too long. Both the girls quickly shrugged off my answer and moved on the much more interesting episode of Dora the Explorer on TV. I sat there and wondered how my daughters' had more admirable aspirations than I have and reflected on what I've been doing with my career and was it truly fulfilling. I came to the conclusion that I really needed to make a shift to do something that was my true passion and that I could proudly talk about and explain at the girls' future career days. My heart has always been focused on helping charitable causes and I wanted to find a way to teach my kids the importance of helping others. So, I made the leap and started a new venture, Little Loving Hands. This shift has been so rewarding and now my girls can proudly explain what mom does for work. In fact, they are the first "employees" at the company and its been fabulous with their help! After all these years of working in corporate America, I found my career direction because I took on the best job in the world of being a mom. I must admit, we all sometimes wear tiaras while we work so that we can also be princesses.

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