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As a 'boy mom,' I fear for my sons

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In no way is what you're about to read taking a political stance. While I hope this post doesn't provoke backlash, I'm sure someone somehow will take my words out of context, and that is unfortunate.

Here is goes. I fear for my sons.

Let me preface this by reiterating I'm a woman; a daughter, sister, aunt and mother. I'm a devout believer in women's rights. I am all for the mompreneur movement; I join in women feeling empowered to wear many hats. It's truly an inspiring time to be a feminist.

However, I think we're forgetting about someone: our boys.


I'm a blessed boy mom times three. My beautiful, creative, free-spirited boys now look to me and my husband for acceptance and validation; however, as they grow older, they'll turn to society. And that scares the crap out of me.

Simply turn on the TV. It's all about "dream big, princess," instilling in our daughters they can do anything. Surely, that's great and all- I was once that little girl twirling in my Cinderella dress, but we've somewhat abandoned Prince Charming.

I see my boys watching the female encouragement in wonder - it’s as if they know such messaging isn't aimed at them, longing for something that speaks to their handsome hearts. We live in a time when society is striving for equality, but there’s a real unfairness going on.

I love being a boy mom. I love watching my sons encompass a crazy, energetic; yet caring, sensitive and sweet persona. They have such a soft side under their tough little boy skin, a side that wants to be snuggled, caressed, appreciated and honored. What is society really doing for our sons? What is it doing for these boys that us moms are grooming to be good men and good husbands? Why is it that only princesses can dream big? Why can’t our boys dream big, too?

My sons dress up as superheroes, yet know every word to Let It Go. As parents, we encourage them to be who they are, and most of all, be good people. But we need society on board to celebrate our sons the way we've been celebrating our daughters. Equal rights, remember?

We are left to explain things to our kids - explain what they’re hearing at school, overhearing on the news, etc. I’m seeing so many social media posts about how moms are telling their girls to be brave, be honest, and be bold ... guess what? I’m telling that to my boys, too.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I want your daughters to be strong, independent and fearless. I simply want that for my sons, as well.

So if you’ve read this far, please listen with an open heart. I’m just a boy mom doing the best I can, yearning to fuel my sons with empowerment. Let’s shower all our children with confidence, setting them up for success. Women don’t need a Prince Charming to have a happy ending; but truth be told: it is our boys who will eventually become strong partners to your princesses.

All I want is that my three little princes live happily ever after, and instilling that drive to conquer their dreams starts now.

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