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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I See You "C" Student.

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"C" students rule the world.

This is something we KNOW as adults.

But we won't tell you that....we will continue to pretend that your lack of straight "A's" will land you homeless.

We MUST continue this ruse or the control will end.

I struggled with this as a school counselor.
I struggle with this as a Psychotherapist.
I struggle with this as a Mom.

I'm sick of not saying it out today I honor you "C" students.

You won't be honored at the awards ceremony, so let's take a moment to honor you here.

I honor your unwillingness to be a box checker.

I honor your willingness to question the system.

I honor your discerning nature and your ability to "get it done" but rarely is it perfect, because you understand this is not necessary and often holds us back.

I honor your procrastination, and please understand that this is a blessing and a curse.

I honor your sly smile when you see the teachers pet collecting their awards, as if you know something the rest of us don't.

I honor your sarcasm and your ability to see that this game just doesn't fit everyone.

I honor your social skills because they rock.

I honor your empathy and your compassion, I can see it everyday the way you support your friends.

I honor your EQ (emotional intelligence)....because that is the golden ticket.

I honor the way you float below the radar even when you know the answer, not needing to prove anything.

I honor your ability to stay up late the night before and still turn in a kick ass paper.

I honor your life skills.

Don't let them fool you "C" are figuring this out and learning to read a room while you do it.

Get used to being overlooked "C" student, because to the untrained are average.

But to your fellow "C" students...... Lawyers, CEO's, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Entrepreneurs, Veterinarians, Nurses, Teachers, etc.......we know you are just in training.

We know better than to overlook you.

We know what to look FOR.

Look for the curious students, and the question askers.

Look for the ones who don't sit down and shut up.

Look for that kid that makes you laugh every time.

Look for the one with the sparkle in their eye.

Look for the kid helping others because it's WHO they are not WHAT they are told.

Look for the kid who seeks out learning outside of Algebra, English and Social Studies.

Look for the kid who questions the need for those subjects, wondering if there isn't a better way.

You may get frustrated dear teacher by their unwillingness to buy in.......and I ask you to reframe.

These are the world changers and the system breakers.

They may not shine in your classroom, but I encourage you to look are missing their beauty.

You have been trained wrong dear have been trained to look for obedience.

But rarely has obedience changed the world.

Today, as we end the school year, I honor you "C" students because no one else is going to.

You see, I was once you.....I blended in and I'm sure teachers weren't fighting to see my greatness.

Because they won't you see.

This is YOUR job "C" student.

Your challenge is to be seen.

You question the system.....great, how will you change it?

You don't buy in to the traditional subjects.....I agree, what is your plan to incorporate new subjects?

You don't feel the need to gain the teacher's approval.....I get it, now how will you gain your own approval so that you soar to great heights?

You procrastinate your assignments? You better sharpen those last minute skills because the world won't wait.

Life is about habits "C" students.....I see your greatness, now what habits can you create to show the rest of the world your shine?

You must have a plan "C" students.....because you are right in the middle.

No one is going to hand you an award.
No one is going to reach their hand out to pull you up.

You are right in the middle.....skating through and hiding your shine.

But I still see you "C" student....and your shine is only hidden to the untrained eye.

Kerry Foreman MA
Get Grounded

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