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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

I saw many a 'mom bod' on vacation and here's what they all have in common...

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"Love your mom bod!" they declare.

"Embrace ALL of you!" they shout.

"Own your imperfections!" they command.

"Be you!" they exclaim.

And then you read the very fine print which says that "mom bods" are on trend and #momlifebelike, but if, and only if:

1) you are willing to document your body transformation (or lack thereof) and personal confidence that reigns regardless

2) you are rocking at body (and self) acceptance and are aiming to inspire other women to do the same

3) you are dominating an exercise and self-care routine like a boss


4) your kids are still young, so you can use them as an excuse for the missing six-pack and the one you drank (whoops) -- beer belly, baby belly, mom belly, who the heck cares. It's. All. The. Same.

Here's the TRUTH about the mom bod:

It looks different on everyone.

For me, seven years ago, mom bod looked like 206lbs.

Its also looked like 168lbs, 148lbs and at present, it ranges from 138-142lbs.

Mom bod looks unalike on everyone, and on everyone, it looks different depending upon what's going on in their life.

Kids -- how many?
Job, no job, or many jobs?
Kids at home or grown?
Do you have a village?
What about a supportive and helpful spouse?
Time -- do you have any for yourself?
Cooking -- do you enjoy it or loathe it?

Listen, I've been on vacation this weekend, and I've seen me many a mom bod, and they all have something in common.

Can you guess what it is?

They are all fudgin' beautiful.

My favorite kind of mom bod is the one worn by a woman with a giant genuine, self and family-induced smile stretched across her face as she unapologetically rocks her slightly too small swimsuit and stretch marks as she plays with her kids who are laughing uncontrollably as they force feed her french fries on the edge of the pool, before they beg her to run off and do the slide with them.

I'd be lying if I said that I never get self-conscious about my appearance and the new post-three kids body that is now forever mine, but there is something utterly freeing about reaching the point in your life where your mom bod is trending whether the internet says so or not, because happiness and self-love are always in style and that's what I love to see women rockin'.

Self-love looks good on my mom bod, and it looks darn good on yours as well.

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