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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

Confidence is a State of Mind

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Confidence is something I struggled with, particularly in my teen and college years. I was always on the curvy side with a large bust, something that I did not like about myself. Athletics was not part of my childhood and the thought of going to the gym made me sick.

It wasn't until I became a mom when everything changed. I coped just fine with the weight gain and stretch marks. I ate what I wanted without feeling guilty. I loved every part about my changing body and growing bump.

After having my second born, I was raising two kids as a stay-at-home in a city where I hardly knew anyone. I didn't realize at the time, but I must have suffered from some kind of postpartum depression. I was lonely, overwhelmed and felt totally disconnected from my extremely colicky newborn.

There is a village of moms who saved me. I was at the park with a friend when I discovered a stroller-based fitness class going on there. I was dying to know what it was and how I could be a part of it. From that day on, my whole life changed.

This is not to say that you need to belong to a fitness group or go to the gym to feel confident with your mom bod, but the confidence I have gained as a mom is from knowing I am totally rocking it raising three kids under four years old. It is a state of mind, it's happiness, self love, friendship and support.

No matter how much I work out, I will never have that body I once hated. I love my stretch marks. I love my saggy skin. I love that my body is so amazing to have grown and birthed three kids. Confidence is a state of mind and not a number on the scale or a picture-perfect body.

What I encourage all moms to do is find that village, find that support, practice self care and self love and find happiness within yourself because you are amazing and your body is seriously a temple. For me, that village is Fit4Mom. I have never felt happier or healthier since joining this amazing community of moms.


Even my husband and kids get to join in on the fun and I know they see a difference in me. My kids have been raised going to Stroller Strides nearly every day. I cannot possibly be the best version of myself without getting my daily workout in. On the days I skip, I am more irritable, sluggish, short-tempered and tired.

My kids enjoy watching me take care of myself so that I can better care for them. I am confident that my kids will look back and remember these years. They mimic everything that I do. They want to get outside and be active. They want to play sports and go to the gym. I know I am setting a great example for them.

See my shirt? Yes, I have a mom bod too. There is saggy skin, lopsided boobs and stretch marks under that shirt. But I will rock it every single day. I love myself for being a mom and sacrificing my body to create the three most important little beings in my life.

How do you love your mom bod? What does confidence mean to you?

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