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I 'me' well, and maybe that's enough

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I don't cook well.

Sometimes, I don't cook at all.

Sometimes I love to dine out or order delivery.

I don't play well.

Sometimes, I don't play at all.

Sometimes I love me some "me time" and peace and quiet.

I don't listen well.

Sometimes, I don't listen at all.

Sometimes I love the sound of my voice, uninterrupted.

I don't craft well.

Sometimes, I don't craft at all.

Sometimes I love the idea of crafting but loathe the stress, mess, clean-up, how time-consuming it is and how it never turns out as it does on Pinterest.

I don't relax well.

Sometimes, I don't relax at all.

Sometimes I love to live my life like I'm on fire.


I don't teach well.

Sometimes, I don't teach at all.

Sometimes I love to phone it in...Hello? Is anyone there? Nope.

I don't deal with my anxiety well.

Sometimes, I don't deal with my anxiety at all.

Sometimes I love to pretend I don't have anxiety.

I don't adapt well.

Sometimes I don't adapt at all.

Sometimes I love to be as rigid as possible, because, well, it's how I've always been and it's comfortable.

I don't do perfect well.

Sometimes I don't do perfect at all.

Sometimes I love to be imperfect, but other times, my flaws make me feel a bit less than.


I hug well.

Sometimes, I can't stop giving hugs.

Sometimes I love to linger my embraces.

I kiss well.

Sometimes I can't let twenty minutes pass without planting a smooch on the cheek of a loved one.

Sometimes I love to sweetly peck and be pecked on.

I give well.

Sometimes I give so much of myself to my family that I'm left feeling contently depleted.

Sometimes I love to give love because when you give love, you get love and that's one give and take I'll never get tired of.

I joke well.

Sometimes I joke when I shouldn't, but often my silly remarks are well-placed, needed, and well-received

Sometimes I love to crack a funny and fully take in my kids' uncontrolled laughter and joy.

I smile well.

Sometimes I smile even when I feel like crying.

Sometimes I love that smiling comes naturally to me because frowning, well, it's for the birds.

I optimist well.

Sometimes I optimist so well that I don't even worry about using optimist as a verb.

Sometimes I love to be an optimist because it allows me to accept the not so pleasant, and both see and live on the bright side of things.

I share well.

Sometimes I overshare.

Sometimes I love to overshare because it's in that space of vulnerable disclosure where we all seem a bit more human and insanely more alike.

I "me" well.

Sometimes I me well, too well.

Sometimes I love being me because I don't have to try, I just have to be.

So, yeah, there's a whole hell of a lot that I don't do well, but there are also quite a few things which I do.

And, if all I ever do really well is love and be, well then that's enough for me, hopefully for my loved ones, and, perhaps, even for you?

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