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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

New Year Mom Challenge: 30 things I want to do to be a better mom

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First I want to say there is NO perfect mom. We are all going down this mystery trail of motherhood with no map or guide. This doesn't mean we aren't great moms, it simply means we are human. I make mistakes everyday.... sometimes I make the same mistakes over and over.... but they are my mistakes. My mistakes I use to grow.

Last night I sat in bed thinking about my New Year's resolutions. Motherhood popped in my mind first. How I can be a better mom for my kids? I came up with a challenge for myself. Something I can print out and read as a reminder. My heart provided these 30 challenges....

  1. Cuddle with your child and whisper sweet nothings to them (I could feel my kid's heart get warm when doing this).
  2. Kiss them 10+ times a day (as slobbery as you can get them ;) ).
  3. Tell them how proud you are of them.
  4. Go the WHOLE day without negativity (no yelling... keep your cool).
  5. Give them a small happy just because.
  6. Make them belly laugh (chase them, tickle them, make funny faces, be silly and not so up tight).
  7. Participate in an activity THEY love (whether they love to throw water balloons or pick their nose... well don't do the latter... but do something because THEY want to)(Here are some ideas).
  8. Say good riddance to all technology (turn your phone off).
  9. Share scripture/God's word any chance you get (here are some ideas on how to teach your children about God).
  10. Compliment on their uniqueness (read how to boost their confidence).
  11. Look them in the eye and tell them how much you love and adore them.
  12. Bear hug them (I hug mine so tight they end up pouting..... no joke).
  13. Remind yourself... these moments will quickly pass and embrace the day (read Living For the Next Milestone).
  14. Put everyone and everything else on pause and enjoy just THEM.
  15. Ask for your child's input or opinion.
  16. Write them a sweet note or even draw them a picture to let them know you love them.
  17. Create something together (cardboard box castle, fort, painting, etc.)(Check out this DIY drive in movie car).
  18. Dance your faces OFF.
  19. Write down a list of things that you need to work on to be a better mom (heck even ask them).
  20. Take them on a date (here are some daughter and son ideas).
  21. Create your own catch phrase (my kids love the moon... I always say, "The moon will always remind you that you are mine and I am yours"), hand sign , or tradition that is just ya'lls (I always butterfly kiss, eskimo kiss, and then kiss kiss my kids before they go to sleep. They smile every time. It is our thing).
  22. READ them their favorite book (even if you can recite it by heart).
  23. Listen.... no like REALLY listen. Tell them you want to talk and spark up a conversation.
  24. Let the kids help around the house (I know moms... sometimes it is just easier to do it ourselves... but today let them feel helpful).
  25. Videotape yourself throughout the day (sometimes it takes us seeing it ourselves to realize our mistakes).
  26. Remind yourself to be patient (this can be very hard). Read this on patience.
  27. Slow down..... Spend a day without being rushed. Kids can pick up on the anxiety.
  28. Discipline in the right way. Heck yea... I said do not be negative, but that doesn't mean don't do what is right. Discipline them when needed. Figure out the best way to discipline though. One rule I have: DO NOT discipline when angry (you may do or say something you do not mean).
  29. Focus on the qualities you admire about another mom. Embrace those qualities.
  30. Be the mom you know you can be... because your kids deserve it. http://www.theforeverteacher.com1c54ca0ad63fd524c47ce9997a64809f9e58388c.jpg

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