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I May Not Like Everything About Facebook, But I am Grateful for This One Thing

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There's a lot I don't like about Facebook these days, like the fact that the Zuckerberg, his head honchos or somebody in analytics department have decided for me which friends get to grace my newsfeed and whose I make a daily appearance on.

I mean, I get it. I understand that we all have patterns in our behavior that can be analyzed and then the whole idea is to give us more of what we supposedly enjoy (like Delish video recipes) and less of what we don't (angry Bill's political rants).

But, I'm not that predictable. I'm not that easy to decode, and I am not one-note kind of girl; I've got so many facets to my personality, and in the variety of content that I enjoy (and disperse), it may make your head spin.

One thing Facebook is getting right, though, is the "See Your Memories" notification that pops up almost daily. They are getting this REALLY right.

Today my memory was my announcement to the Facebook world that Josh and I were expecting baby number 3. Now, that little beautiful boss baby is two-and-a-half years old.

Based on a VentureBeat article, ironically released on my birthday in 2015, Facebook added the "See Your Memories" feature back in 2015. It's “On This Day,” feature "gives users a way to reminisce."

My heart is full this morning recollect what it felt like to see a third positive pregnancy test. What it felt like to watch my belly grow a human being for the third time. What it felt like to share with the world what was and will remain to be my third most significant accomplishment and contribution to this world.

Facebook has been known to piss a lot of us off these days for a myriad of reasons, but "On This Day" and "See Your Memories" is not one of those.

Yes, change can be frustrating and unwelcomed, especially when we don't feel we have a say as to why it is happening or "the meat" of the change, but, not all change is crummy.

Just like Facebook makes lots of changes to its interface, and the way it disperses content, I'm making lots of changes too -- to my opinions, to my likes and dislikes, to where I give my engagement, to what I enjoy reading, watching and sharing.

While Facebook may not be able to keep up with my chameleon-like behavior and I am clearly incapable of keeping up with its modifications, I am grateful for the daily reminders of how my life and my priorities have shifted over the years.

I may not always be grateful for you and your addicting-nature Facebook, but I will forever be thankful that you are my digital memory tank.

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