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I left a piece of my heart 828 miles away

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828 miles…
We may soon be separated, by many miles, but my heart knows you will continue to be with me each day and for that I am blessed.

828 miles…
The miles are long but not too far to continue to hear my whispers, within the wind, loving you and endlessly supporting you.

When your day is filled with exhilaration and you barely can contain your excitement, know I am still here to relish in your joy.

When you face a troublesome day and you’re left feeling alone, take comfort and know I am still here to listen and talk you through the tumultuous time.

When you simply need to be still and quiet, know you can close your eyes and feel my arms wrap you in an embrace of beautiful memories.

Being a mom doesn’t end once miles add up.
Being a mom doesn’t end once I close the dorm room door.
Being a mom doesn’t end when my flight takes off and my destination is a different state.

828 miles…

Sweet child,
You are always valued.
You are continuously cherished.
You are already missed.

You are always my home.
You are forever my greatest blessing.
You are already missed.

828 miles apart doesn’t change the deep rooted foundation we have worked tirelessly on over the course of time.

828 miles apart doesn’t change how we will always feel each other’s love.

And what a gift this is, each and every day to feel, within our souls, we are eternally and infinitely connected…

because being a mom never ends.

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