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Challenge: Unlikely Friends

I don't want to be a one-man-band

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I don't want to be a one-man-band.

Life is better with friends.

That's what they say.

But, honestly, at this stage of my life with three kids under the age of eight and approaching my mid-thirties, I don't have the time or any interest in dealing with those who think I'm out of tune.

I very well might be.

I have no qualms about admitting or owning that I'm somewhat of an odd duck, and perhaps I make others uncomfortable.

But, what I find unpleasant, frustrating, exhausting, and not worth my time is sharing life's arena with any single person who gets their rocks off by critiquing and judging others; be it the beat we operate according to or the beat we outwardly share with others.

Friends are a crucial part of life, and taking life's stage and the crowd on with them, often, there is no better feeling.

So, here's my one piece of advice for all of us:

When making friends, let's focus on surrounding ourselves with people who believe in fluid tempo, changing rhythms, and atypical melodies.

As friends, let's be chums who not only enjoy but respect the hell out of anyone marching to sounds that fill them up, even when others don't like or can't hear the music that keeps their soul lit.

Sure, sameness is safe and keeps you feeling at ease, but wouldn't you rather be band and lifemates with those individuals who rock the quirk, people's minds, their own, and even the entire world pretty frequently?

I do.

Rock on, my friends.

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