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Challenge: Life Changes

The Ultimate "F" Word

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Fearlessly facing fifty...that's me. That's my trifecta of F's! I'm embracing the "F" word.

Now don't get me wrong, there's no paper chain hanging in my kitchen counting down to the BIG DAY, like I did with the kids when we were counting down to a vacation...but this train is a comin' and their ain't no stoppin' it.

At 50, we've spent most of our lives caring for other people. We've cared for our spouse, our children, our friends and aging parents. So this is our time to be selfish...we've clocked a whole lot of hours and gained a whole lot of wisdom...older and wiser, right?

I mentioned in a recent post that my mind is like a rolodex...and of course my kids say, "what the heck is a rolodex?" But for me, the two decades between 30 and 50 flip through my mind...where did they go? They were the decades of raising kids, heading to PTA meetings, play groups, nights out with the girls...(what happened to those), date nights when you finally secure the babysitter at $20 an hour by the time you have dinner and see a movie you're way over budget.

I think back to 30 and taking a vacation with my husband, rockin' my bikini (let's be honest, I never rocked a bikini) but the mere thought of a putting on a swimsuit makes me completely uncomfortable.

In your 30's you are still worrying about what other people think of're still finding yourself and are in the trenches of real grown-up life.

In your 40's you embrace it, you're confident with who you are, you're a little more tired and trying to balance life, career, lots of choices and lots of decisions are made in your 40's.

And let's talk about the whole half century thing...that makes fifty sound vintage - and while it may be cool for home furnishings or clothes....

I can remember my mom turning 50. I remember the party and my mom surrounded by all of her friends. I lost my mom and dad a few years ago....and I'm really disappointed I only got 40 some years with them.

This is a conversation I have often with friends...many are dealing with aging parents, and caring for them in a different way. Instead of you saying, "watch me mom, watch me". The lens has turned outward and you are watching over your parents...making sure they don't stumble on the uneven pavement,

or fall down the bleachers at the high school football game,

or forget their doctors appointments,

or take their medicine.

when did this happen?

I can map in my mind my five decades and the journey I've taken. How lucky I am to have fifty years of stories to share and memories made. My journey has twists and turns through different states and countries, jobs that started and stopped, becoming a wife and a mother, grieving loss and cherishing friends that have become family. I feel more relaxed and less rigid turning 50, and that's because I have a lot of 'life experiences' under my belt.

What do you want to do for the next 50?

Wear your white pants after Labor Day

Drink the red wine every night (it's good for the heart)

Have champagne with lunch (no one cares)

Embrace the wiggles and jiggles and forget about the latest boutique exercise trend and find an exercise routine that makes you feel confident

Enjoy time with your adult children and watch them soar

Wear the sexy outfit...better yet rock the sexy outfit

Embrace the bifocals and have them in every color

Don't want to be 30 again (you've been there....done that)

I'm fearlessly facing 50 (or my fifties) because it is my time to ______________________________________

Don't hold proud of boastful...this is YOUR time!

Now go forth and be awesome!

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