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Challenge: WHO Are You?

I don't always fit in with the neighborhood moms

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I don't always get it right.

And when I get it wrong, sometimes I get it really wrong.

How I mother.

How I wife.

How I female.

How I friend.

How I human.

In fact, I'm so far from being a "Perfect Patty" that dubbing me "Imperfect Ida" would be a much better fit.

And speaking of things being a fit, frequently, I'm not.

I don't always fit in with the neighborhood moms.

I'm what I like to call "quirky," but others might just call it "weird."

I'm an extroverted introvert, and that's just odd and confusing to most.

I'm majorly flawed, and to some, well, it's just strange and obviously attention-seeking that I go on the internet and word vomit and rant my complaints and inadequacies for all to see and read (if they so choose).

The one thing I am getting right, though, is knowing that I get one life and I'm *trying* to spend it being the best version of myself while growing to accept that the best version of myself, at times, well, it looks like a hot mess train wreck.

So if all this sounds like I'm your kind of train wreck, hop on board, and if not, then keep on walkin' where you're going while I choo choo my tuckus along to where I'm heading.

Friends, please remember this --

Don't ever apologize for who you are on your best day or on your worst day. True friends, real friends, and family, they're gonna love you and all your idiosyncrasies.

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