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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I Am who She Wants to Be

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When someone tells me that my daughter is my mini me, I know this is an all-encompassing statement. It isn’t just that she has big round eyes like me, full of wonder and sparkle. It’s not only because she smiles all the time like I do, perhaps letting out the occasional giggle at inappropriate times. It may have little to do with the fact that we are both ridiculously motivated and organized. I think it’s mostly because we share the same spirit, same heart and same giftings.

My sweet girl is a one in a million kind of a kid. She has the most thoughtful heart I’ve ever seen in a child her age. She is always thinking of how to help, how to bring cheer, how to show love and how to let someone know their value and according to her, she wants to be just like me. In a crazy kind of way, her being so much like myself is a mirror for me to see the good qualities that I possess, but seldom give myself credit for.

She’s always thinking thoughts seemingly far too deep for nine years old. Recently on a drive she asked, “Mom, what would your last words be?” I thought for a moment, temporarily taken aback by this morbid line of thought from my child and I answered her,” We don’t always get last words. Sometimes we are suddenly taken and we never get to say what we want to the people we love or we don’t have enough time to tell them how we feel. That is why it is so important to tell people now. Show them how important they are to you. Make the best of everyday. Love people with all your heart and make sure everyone feels Jesus’s love shining through you.”

This is how I strive to live. I want to leave everyone better than when I found them. I want to heal the hurt, fix the broken, lift the heavy hearts and walk away, having someone feel blessed to know me. However, sometimes adulthood gets in the way of me being this person. I get stressed, overwhelmed, overly tired or just lose sight of living life with the conviction, love and passion that I would if this day were my last. But good gracious, she never seems to fail at pulling me back to the person I am meant to be. Because if she wants to be just like me. I want to be as much like the person that she believes that I am.


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