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How to Write a Personal Essay on “LGBTQ and Parents"

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LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. These terms are used to describe a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. For centuries, the people from the LGBTQ community have faced hatred and discrimination in the society just because they didn’t fit in the so called social construct.


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When you decide to write a personal essay on a sensitive issue like “LGBTQ and parents”, you need to be careful about several things. You can be a cisgender, heterosexual individual or someone who belongs to the LGBTQ community – you still need to understand a few things while presenting your personal account in the form of an essay on a topic like this.

Things to Remember while Writing on a Sensitive Issue

When you choose to write on a sensitive topic such as racism, feminism, or LGBTQ community, you need to be very careful about your choice of words. Your essay –

  • Must not hurt the sentiment of any group of people or individual
  • Must not contain offensive word or phrases
  • Must not contain any inappropriate or vulgar comments
  • Must not provoke violence or hate for one another

While these are the things you need to keep in mind while dealing with a sensitive issue, you cannot forget the basics of personal essay writing.

How to Make Your Personal Essay Stand Out?

Whether you choose a sensitive or a much simpler topic for your personal essay, you need to follow a few measures if you want your essay to be impressive.

  • Try to write from your personal experience. It will help you write with more confidence.
  • Write in the first person. It should sound like you are narrating a personal story.
  • Always proceed with an outline for the essay.
  • Try to keep the sentences short. This avoids the chances of having errors in the essay.
  • Stick to the five-paragraph structure – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Do not introduce any new information in conclusion.
  • Always run several revisions of the paper to ensure accuracy of the content.

These tips are applicable for all kinds of personal essays, irrespective of the topic you choose. You will be glad to know that a majority of the essay writers at popular essay writing websites such as Myassignmenthelp and also follow these measures to produce quality essay papers.

A Sample of Personal Essay on LGBTQ and Parents

Love Triumphs over All

When you have gone through the process of orthodox social conditioning for years, you start to believe that what you know is right, and everything else is wrong. When my friend Adam told his parents that he is gay, they tried to convince Adam that it was just a phase and would go away in a few months. Adam could simply leave his parents’ house and build a life of his own. But he wanted to change the perception of his parents. So, he stayed.

Adam’s father was a headmaster at a local high school. And even though Mr. Scott was not against the LGBTQ community, he simply could not accept the fact that his son could be homosexual. Adam’s mother, who was a housewife, was also spending her days in disbelief. When they found out that Adam was seeing a boy from his class, they made a scene in the dinner table. Adam left the table without touching the food.

The next morning, Adam sat down with his parents and asked them to keep an open mind about the things he was about to say. He asked his parents what was wrong in loving a person of the same sex. He knew what his parents could say. So, he calmly told them, "No matter whom I love, it does not change who I am. I was, I am, and I will be your son, no matter what. Then why do you have so much problem accepting the fact that your son likes boys and not girls? I'm happy with when I am with Alex. Do you want me to be a person that I am not and spend the rest of my life living a lie?"

Even though Adam’s parents were not very supportive of his son’s choice of partner, they started to see the point Adam was trying to make. After all, they had Adam's best interest at heart. It was difficult for them to accept the truth at first. But when they saw their son happy every day, they knew love could never be wrong.

There are lots of Adams around us who do not have the courage to come out and tell the truth to the world. Our parents may not be as comfortable discussing these things in the dinner table, but they are not bad people. It can be difficult to change their mindset in one day. But if you try, they will be able to see that “Love does not see age, gender or colors”.

Hopefully, this sample was good enough to provide you with an idea of how to proceed with your personal essay on LGBTQ and parents. Obviously, you can choose a different slant or topic for your essay. But it will be more appropriate if you write the content from your own experience.

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