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How To Teach Kids That Santa Is About Giving, Not About Goods

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For many kids, the Holidays can be ALL about the gifts. This season builds in kids a sense of entitlement, greed, and expectation for allthethings during this festive time. We all have Jolly ol’ Saint Nick to thank for that. There is a prolific comparison out there among the young ones, when it comes to what magical goods they receive. THIS is where I will make my declaration to my children:

“Santa is mindful too.”

Santa Parenting and Presents

Santa can choose wisely, his lot to give. He can discern what each child should have according to their life, and their way of living it. Santa can be careful in making sure he respects the standards of each home and the purpose of his gifts…

To bring joy. Not plenty.

As each year passes, I find myself being more diligent with my giving. My kids are older and their wishes from “Santa” and mom and dad are devastatingly more expensive.

Back when they were little ones, it was easy to drench them with toys by making a killing at the second hand stores. But now, they are too old for that nonsense. They want the big stuff. They are also well aware that the big stuff is simply that:


They are learning the art of discernment, when it comes to spending. I’m a stickler for it. They have taken in every shopping trip and coupon used, every choice I have made that speaks “mindful money management”. And they are practicing how to make good choices. I am proud of this lesson they continue to understand as they grow.

When my kids have a few bucks to spend, they walk into a store and with the spirit of a greedy child as they grab and squeal and embrace the impulse of desire. BUT. Then they carefully think through the cost.

The cost.

"What is the cost of this thing I want? Is it really worth it? Will it be valuable to me for a long time, or just for a moment? Am I willing to let go of my money for this?"

They often put it back. Over and over again. I watch them go through the process of making wise decisions with their purchases. I have helped them along the way, walking them through this process with suggestions and gentle nudges. It pleases me more than anything, to see the values of money resonate in their lives this early. I hope it continues.

With Christmas around the corner, there comes an entirely new level of mindful money management!

You can teach your kids that Santa can be mindful with money management too.

Tell your kids that Santa knows the heart of each child. Therefore, he will honor it by bringing gifts that are in line with the child’s long taught values. Santa will carefully select the gifts that will please both the child and the parents, and he will always honor the family principles.

In our home, Santa will be revered, but not because he gives kids allthethings. He will be celebrated, not because of his goods, but because of his thoughtful giving. Not because of all that he provides, but more in how he shares his provisions.

Santa can be used for good. Not for goods.

May Santa respect and reflect your family’s values and virtues this Holiday Season~

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Mindful Christmas!

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