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How to Squeeze In Storage Under the Sink

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Regardless of the size of your home, your under the sink storage is probably far from ideal. These kitchen and bathroom spots are great for the added storage opportunity, but due to their awkward and small footprint they can often become a dumping ground for your supplies, grocery bags, and bulk cleaning sprays.

The good news for you is that under the sink organization is one of the quicker spots to dive into during spring organization. Sure, there are pipes and short dimensions to deal with, but a couple minutes of dedication to this area will make it a small but mighty powerhouse for your storage needs.






Limit yourself to the available space. The truth about these tricky spots is that there is only so much extra storage that you can squeeze inside their small perimeter. So, make sure to measure to the left, right, and below any obstructions (i.e. pipes) and use those measurements as your boundaries for storage. Anything that can’t fit within those boundaries should be stored elsewhere. You’ll still be able to make space for your frequently grabbed essentials, but the bulk-sized soap refill and 8-pack of cleaning wipes will need to find an new home (I like using laundry rooms or storage rooms for bulk supplies).

Categorize and contain. Regardless of the cramped quarters, the same basic organizing principles apply. First and foremost, categorize your options. This means that the “specialty cleaners” like granite and stainless steel spray should be grouped together in the kitchen, and the toilet bowl cleaner and shower spray can grouped together in the bathroom. Once categorized, bring in the products to keep these categories contained.

Use stackable storage. Maximize the space under the sink by adding stackable storage like bins, drawers, and sliding shelves to make the most out of the open space. Shallow items like low bins or turntables are helpful for corralling items when vertical space is not in your favor.

Don’t forget about the doors. The doors are great additional real estate to add hooks, over the door bins (perfect for plastic grocery bags or hair supplies), or door-mounted bins containers.

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