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4 Ways to Store Purses & Clutches

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When it comes to closet organization, there are categories that easier to tackle than others. Regardless of what your storing, the first step to the closet organization process is to categorize all of your options and store them in a way that is the most function for how you live. That means keeping categories, like work blouses, towards the front of your closet, and giving priority placement to the shoes that are in your weekday rotation.

While a lot of closet storage and organization is simple (i.e. requiring just a hanger or some shelving), there is a category that tends to trip people up: purses and clutches.

How you go about storing your purses and clutches is dictated by both your personal preference but also (and most importantly!) based on the available space and set up in your closet. You likely spent money on your accessories, and they deserve the proper storage and organization to keep their quality maintained and to keep them easily accessible so that you can actually get some use out of them. So, whether you swap out your purses every day or like to spice up your weekend look with a designer clutch, there are several ways to store your bags in your closet that keep organization and functionality top of mind.



  1. HANG. If you have extra wall space or you aren’t using every inch of your clothing rod, consider maximizing your existing real estate by adding hooks for your purses to land. Command hooks or decorative hooks are a great option to add to open wall space, or add s-hooks directly to your clothing rod so that they are just as easy to access.

  2. CONTAIN. Categorize your options by season, occasion, or type (i.e. clutches, shoulder bags, crossbody, etc.) based on how you wear and reach for them. Add bins to corral each category, and add a label on the outside to easily indicate what’s stored inside. The great thing about bins is that they come in every shape, size, and color, so whether you need to store them under a bed or on a shelf there will be options that fit your need.

  3. DIVIDE. Think about what you currently don’t love about your handbag storage setup. Maybe they are difficult to find, or too annoying to pull from the pile when the time comes to swap out your bag? Adding some sort of division to your purse and clutch storage is a great way to create the grab-and-go opportunities. Adding dividers on a shelf or in a drawer is a simple way to create boundaries and “zones” for categories to remain separate. Or, use a shoe bag, sweater bag, or other style of hanging organizer with pockets so that each purse and clutch has their own cubby.

  4. DISPLAY. You love your handbags and purses for a reason, which is why it’s common to display these type of closet pieces. For handbags, use stuffers, paper, or old linens to stuff inside your soft handbags to help them keep their shape when storing on a shelf. When products are necessary to contain your items, choose options that are within your aesthetic. I love to tie in acrylic pieces, like a large tray for clutches or a letter collator to keep options divided.

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