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How to Organize Your Jewelry Collection

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As a company full of women, it should come as no surprised that we get excited when a client requests to have their jewelry organized. We work in the nitty gritty of each client’s home, and jewelry is one of the areas that we find is both personal and very reflective of each client’s personality. Whether it’s creating a storage solution for a handful of necklaces or--as we did on one our of more recent projects--over 1 thousand pieces of jewelry, we love the challenge. Not only are we working on displaying and storing beautiful collections to preserve their worth, but also making the pieces easier to access (therefore giving even more of a reason to slip on an extra bangle or ring before heading out the door!). We wanted to share our tips with you for how we tackle a jewelry project for our clients so that everything is separated, secure, and accessible.


  • Categorize your jewelry. Similar to every other area of your home, we always start a jewelry organization project by categorizing the options. Depending on the client, we will either categorize based on type (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) or based on formality (everyday, cocktail, family heirlooms). The goal in separating by categories is to create a system for how you often you wear and access jewelry so that the it is easy to find when you are getting dressed and running out the door.


  • Identify your storage options. Similar to categorization, storage is based on preference. For clients that like to have their jewelry on display, we measure the storage area (i.e. top of dresser or vanity) and count the pieces of jewelry that will be displayed. If there is preference to have jewelry out of sight (a common request for fine jewelry), we choose stackable, lined drawer inserts that make it possible to easily stack and store. When drawer space is not an option, a great alternate is a decorative jewelry box or adding a mirror (either free-standing, wall mounted, or over-the-door) that has built-in storage space (we’re all about dual functionality).


  • Store based on frequency of use. Plain and simple: there are only 7 days in a week and (depending on the size of your collection) the chance that you are touching all of your jewelry on more than a monthly basis is low. Keep your go-tos stored front and center, on top of stacked drawer inserts, or on the outer edges of your jewelry stands. For everything else, consider tucking it away for safe keeping or store it in a box where it will not be taking up valuable displayed real estate. Wearing the same earrings every day? Consider adding a decorative tray on your bedside table to keep your baubles corralled until your next wear.


We’d love to know: What’s your method to storing your jewelry?

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