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Challenge: Romance After Kids

How To Rekindle The Romance After Kids?

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Rekindle The Romance After Kids

Life changes significantly after marriage. But the major change comes after you become a parent. Being myself a mother of a baby, I can say that parenting is a serious job that takes out a big chunk of time from your life. The real challenge is the first year when your kid is a toddler and he is completely dependent on you for everything.

You have to prepare his meals, change the napkins, pacify him during his crying bouts and lull him into sleep. In the meanwhile, you have to tackle your job and run the errands. It is a vicious cycle that you get trapped in and you are constantly in a race against time to meet the demands of life.

In all this chaos, your marital life gets compromised. No longer do you find time to enjoy a romantic dinner or go for a night out. Your priorities get changed and you start channeling your attention to your baby. For a new couple, it is difficult to keep the spark alive in marriage.

I’ve gone through this ordeal but I managed to spice up my married life with some little adjustments. So if you are also deprived of a romantic life, I share you some helpful tips that can help you connect back to your spouse. Here they are:

  • Arrange A Date Night

In the daily chaos of life, couples get caught between their work and family. You have to constantly play your role both at the office and home. This directly impacts their romantic life. The constant struggle to make a balance between the two fronts deprives you of those romantic moments that you once spent with your significant other.

Date nights work because they are celebrated during the night time when your baby is asleep. Date nights provide you an escape from the stress of life and give you an opportunity to rekindle the romance in your life. The idea of a date night can be different for different couples.

Depending on your mood and setting, you can plan a dine-in rendezvous, a weekend night out, or a romantic excursion to your favorite place. Nonetheless, you should find out the wiggle room to try something new every week.

  • Spend A Portion Of The Day With Your Spouse

While it is difficult to take out time from your stifling schedule, spending some time with your spouse can really make a positive difference in your relationship. When I was blessed with my first baby, I had to deal with plenty of new responsibilities. I had to compromise on my love lifetime to catch up with the additional responsibilities. It was an overwhelming thing for both of us.

But then I and my hubby made deliberate efforts to spend a little time together every day. So we divided our time into little portions. We made it a point to have the dinner together and share our time of evening coffee. Though these things were trivial, they kept us close to each other and gave us the opportunity to come closer.

  • Write Romantic Messages For Each Other

This is a kind of romance before marriage but that’s the whole idea of rekindling your boring marital life. Writing loving messages to your spouse will make him feel special. In this age when we are surrounded by smartphone and tablet, it will take only a few seconds for you to shoot off a lovely message to your beloved.

To make it more special, you can also try other ideas. For example, you can place a romantic greeting card somewhere in the room that he can easily see once he wakes up or you can leave a love note and put it up on his coffee cup that will be the first thing he will read. All these little things will grow his feelings towards you and your love will begin to sprout again.

  • Dedicate A Day In A Month To Your Spouse

When we became parents, it was very difficult for both of us to get leave from work due to the nature of our jobs. The usual leaves were only availed to pull off domestic chores or take rest during sickness. So there was no room for any romantic holidays.

Therefore, both of us decided to take out at least a day in a month to spend time in each other’s company. It is often a weekend day and we spend a big part of the day in each other’s company. We call it the “love day”.

Our typical love day is like a dating affair that unites two of us and we can enjoy doing different things together. We make delicious food, watch a good movie and do some hanky-panky activities. We don’t want any interruption on this day, so we get services of a babysitter who look after the meals and other needs of our baby.

  • Send Gifts To Each Other

Sending gifts is one way you can remind your honey that you love him and care about him. The idea of birthday and anniversary gifts is clichéd now. Besides, it is very predictable. If you really want to impress your spouse, you should send him random gifts.

The joy of getting a surprise gift will create a positive effect on your spouse and he will begin to value your feelings by reciprocating the gesture. You should send gifts that reflect your feelings for him on that particular day. For example, I used to send my hubby a set of glasses or a scent whenever he looked hot with a note that read my feelings for him.

  • Take Advantage Of Sleeping Time Of Your Baby

The sleeping time of your kid is the best time when you can have some romantic moments with your life partner and fulfill your fantasies. During this time, you can snuggle up together, cuddle each other, and caress your significant other. To get a better vibe, you can even stroll in the lawn area of your home and hold each other’s hand. While you cuddle your better half, you can express your feelings in poetic language.

  • Communicate With Your Spouse

After you have kids, it becomes challenging to find some moments of romance. But it does not have to be your favorite “excuse” to get yourself exempted from being a romantic husband or wife. Remember that a healthy marriage is a union of two happy souls: you and your spouse. When both of you are happy in each other’s company, every moment of life will worth a living.

In other words, you need your spouse and he needs you. You can make this bond special only when both of you give undivided attention to each other. However, if any of you can’t give the relationship its share of time, you need to talk it out and find ways to recreate the romance.

Romance is the soul of a happy married life. To breathe life into your marriage, it is important that you keep doing some exciting things to spice up your relationship. Hope this article serves you follow the aforementioned tips to keep alive the spark in your marital life.

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