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How to Raise Your Children Digitally During Christmas

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The present generation is going digital at a much greater pace than any of us had ever thought and if we look forward, there is no stopping to the tech race, especially during the holidays when kids spent most of the time at home.

But as we all know, every coin has two sides, and technology is no exception; therefore, it’s determining to regulate the use of tech media before it leaves the deck. Also, it’s essential for children who are growing up digital to limit their use of tech and media. Else, we all know the results of excessive exposure of tech to children.

In this write-up, we have come up with a few measures that every parent needs to take to administer the use of tech for their kids during their holiday and festive seasons.

1. Cap the Use of Digital Media

The doctors and tech experts strongly advocate that the kids should be least exposed to electronic gadgets because the radiation and waves emitted from such devices can severely harm them.

Hence, young ones should not be exposed to such devices other than video chatting. But as the kid grows up, the parents can steadily increase the screen use of digital media like parental control apps. The educational programs in such apps are designed to best suit the kids’ needs of almost every age group. After all, kids learn faster from talking and watching with their parents.

2. Foster Tech-Free Zones

In this day and age, everything is digitized. Right from smart homes to our smartphones, and now even the vehicles are smart enough to interact with humans; everything is masked by tech. Consequently, it’s high time that parents create tech-free zones at their homes and compel kids to spend more time with family members.

It can be done by setting family mealtimes and social gatherings. Also, make sure to keep the children's bedrooms screen-free. Don’t even keep any gadgets on charge in the children's bedroom, as it may tempt them to use it. The fewer devices will be in the room, the lesser will be the craving.

3. Teach Them the Significance of Face-to-Face Communication

Kids need to know the significance of family time. If this feeling is embedded in them from the very beginning, it will be much easier for parents to keep them away from the unnecessary indulgence in tech. And it can only be inculcated in the children by communicating with them face to face.

The more freely they will express their thoughts and emotions, the better it will be for parents to track the activities of their children and accordingly, they can plan for their future.

4. Stop Poking

In the very first place, don’t make media use and tech gadgets a great deal for the kids. Let them handle and use the tech, but do track the usage. Once they are free, take them out and draw their attention to other activities. It will help you strike the right balance.

But if you poke them every time they use gadgets, the chances are high that they will get more attracted to tech and won’t pay much heed your other things as well.

5. Educational Apps Can Do Wonders

There are over 80,000 educational apps listed on the app stores and if used wisely, these apps can make the learning phase of any kid as easy as falling off a log. But it’s decisive for the parents to choose the right application for their kid because not every educational app is worth enough.

Here are some of the few excellent examples of the educational apps:

  • Elmo Loves 123s

  • Fish School HD

  • Stack the States

Not only education apps, but there are many game apps for kids that can effortlessly teach many valuable lessons.

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