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How to Pick the Perfect Father's Day Gift

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Just as us mommies want to be spoiled on Mother’s Day, dad’s need some attention too! But if men are right and women are hard to shop for, then that means men are impossible to shop for. Sometimes it’s hard to know what type of gift the father in your life wants or what they’ll actually use. But, believe it or not, there are a lot of clues hiding in plain site! Here are some great ways to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for that special man in your life.

What are his hobbies?

This is the perfect place to start. What are some of the things that the dad you know enjoys doing? Does he fish or play golf? You can either purchase him new supplies for his tackle box or caddy bag or a gift card to a local sporting goods store is always a good idea, especially if you’re unsure of what type of equipment they need. Is your man an avid runner or does he frequent the gym often? What about a fitness tracker or new water bottle? The great thing about buying a Father’s Day gift based on someone’s hobbies is that you’re sure they’ll use it.

What sports teams does he like?

If the father you know is like many men, he has a favorite sports team. If you’re lucky, his allegiance spans all sports meaning he has a favorite baseball, basketball, football and hockey team. Generally all from the same city or based on who his father liked growing up. Sports themed items make great Father’s Day gifts. You can buy dad a glass or travel mug personalized with their favorite team. If you’re going in on a gift together with other family members, perhaps you can splurge for a jersey or even tickets to a sporting event. There are countless things you can purchase based on dad’s favorite sports team including clothing, hats, bean bag chairs, flags, signs and more.

Where does he spend most of his time?

Does dad hang out in the garage where he likes to work on his car, motorcycle, or other projects? Or is he more of a landscaper who enjoys mowing the grass and gardening? Or does dad spend most of his time traveling for work or sitting at a desk? Try thinking of where your man spends most of his time and this can lead to some pretty great gift ideas. If he enjoys spending time in the garage, think of what tools he uses most or what other accessories he might need for his space. If he enjoys working in the yard, maybe a new weed wacker, hedge trimmers or gardening tools would make a thoughtful gift. And if the dad in your life travels for work or has an office, maybe invest in some decorative picture frames or other displays he can bring with him to remind him of home.

What has he mentioned needing?

If you keep your ears and eyes open, the dad in your life may just tell you exactly what he needs. Did you see him struggling with the coffee maker the other morning? Maybe a new Keurig would make his morning routine run more smoothly. Other great gifts are the ones that your man may never buy for himself. Has he been dying for a new laptop or large screen TV but would never splurge on it himself? If you’re able to afford it, maybe you can splurge for him. A lot of department stores offer financing and both President’s Day and Memorial Day sales. Purchase the expensive item in advance and you may save yourself some money.

Father’s Day is approaching

As Father’s Day grows near, now is the time to start paying closer attention to that special man in your life. Take note of the things he likes, needs, and doesn’t know he needs. All of these things will help you come up with the perfect gift that will make him feel as special as you know he is.

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