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​ How to Keep Yourself Motivated for your Fitness Regime

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Motivation is an essential weapon to combat a sedentary lifestyle, because, like any activity, if we exercise without cause and purpose, we are bound to abandon it within a few days.Finding a motive is what allows us to see things better. If are motivated to exercise daily, the activity is likely to gratify us, give us pleasure and desire to continue it.

A large part of people who abandon their training is because of boredom or because they don't find the necessary incentive to keep going.Realizing this, we talked to numerous fitness experts, including Dan Matteuci, to learn about what they think is essential to stay motivated to practice a lifestyle that prioritizes fitness.

With so many perspectives at hand, we decided to pick out the commons and prepared a list of 10 tips that allow you to stay motivated and determined.

Make a diagnosis of yourself

It consists of evaluating our habits, our body and its functioning. If we find ourselves in need of improving our physical fitness and modifying certain habits, such as physical inactivity, we will take the first step to not abandon training. Talking to Dan Matteuci on this point, he told us that the first step to breaking out of any negativity is understanding who we actually are. A sedentary lifestyle is that negativity and we need to learn what is it that we need to do in order to break out of it. Not all fitness regimes are for everyone and you need to make sure that you follow a regime that fits you best.

Set real goals

Many of us spend long hours in the gym with the aim of losing 5pounds of body weight in one day. Well, let's not be unrealistic, it's impossible! And given the impossibility of achieving our goals, we become disillusioned and want to get away from the activity. However, with patience and perseverance in training, you can achieve great positive changes, not only on our body but also on the rest of our habits and mental functioning.

Know and train yourself

Knowing what are the varied and multiple benefits of physical activity for health is a great resource to want to do it and not miss out on its advantages.

Say no to over training

Training more than our body can take is a powerful demotivator since the only thing you will achieve is that your body giving up early. You will feel fatigued and be lethargic all the time, which certainly isn’t good for motivation.Therefore, your exercise routine should be according to your physical limits. Do not forget to consult with a professional coach.

Record your progress

Once you begin to find the good taste of training, it is necessary to see and record your progress and improvement.

Enjoy your training session

If you need a touch of humor to not get bored, then you must find it. Choose the activity that generates the most pleasure and the rhythm that motivates you to continue doing it. Each activity produces a different effect according to the tastes and preferences of the individual, so you just have to try and then select.

Do not make your regimes boring and repetitive

It is not necessary that you always do the same activity since the routine can end up become unbearably repetitive and boring. The advisable thing is that you choose your favorite activity, but alternate it with other gym classes, sports or different activities. Thus, not only will you work differently and get different results, but innovation will keep you motivated.

Assistive devices

Devices such as pedometer and others that assist your sports practice can produce a very stimulating and motivating psychological effect. That is, if we see the number of steps walked and the calories burned, we will be more than satisfied with what has been done and wanting to overcome the next day.

Socialize in your exercise

Many of us enjoy exercising with friends, and the reality is that exercising with other people is a great resource to combat boredom and also not lose the chance to reap friendships and solidify them.

Visualize your goal achieved

Experiencing the emotions and feelings of the moment in which we achieve the proposed goal in advance will be a great motivator to help achieve them. The objectives may vary from one person to another, but all are equally important to continue training without being sedentary and harming our health.

Of course, all of us can have different reasons that encourage us to exercise regularly, but knowing what are those aspects that can maintain this motivation, will help to enhance the positive results that physical exercise provides.Start training today, as benefits of exercise are not just physical, but you can also enjoy a variety of mental benefits too.

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