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How to Help Your Kids Brainstorm Gifts for Their Mom

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Few things mean more to Mom’s than when their kids go out of their way to find them a gift they’d really love. It’s far more heartfelt than you going out and getting her a gift with your kids in the backseat, then putting their name on it. For this reason, many moms even prefer simply a handwritten note or drawing from their kiddos.

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But, what if you could help your kids brainstorm what their mom would most want? That way, it has the sentimental touch of their effort and makes them feel more excited about what they’re giving. Here are a few simple ways to help them brainstorm:

1. Have them write down a list of everything their mom likes to do.

Does she love going to the movies, baking, or swimming? Have them think about all of her hobbies and favorite ways to spend her time. Then, for each activity or hobby they brainstorm, ask them to write down a few present ideas she might really like in association - may it be a new pair of swim goggles for her weekday swim workouts or a new piece of cookware she can use when she’s baking.

2. Then, have them write down a list of anything their mom has talked about recently.

This exercise will help them pay closer attention to anything their mom has said to them, on the phone, or to someone else that may hint at something she’d love to receive. This list can sit in their rooms for a week, and be added to as they listen in. Angelo di Luce, founder of Nuovaluce Beauty recommends assisting kids with this fun, investigative process by giving them questions to casually ask, such as, “Mom, if you could have any wish come true, what would it be?”

These answers can then be written down and used for more brainstorming.

3. A classic addition: the “coupon” book.

Finally, once you’ve arrived together on the perfect present, consider also giving your kids a pen and paper and helping them write coupons. These could be as simple as “one free hug” or as complex as “one free movie ticket to that movie you want to see!” It’s another fun chance to incorporate everything they’ve brainstormed about what their mom likes, and put it together in a way that will really mean a lot to her.

These practices can be used to help with your own gift brainstorming, too!

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