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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

How 'it must be nice' is ruining your parenting experience

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My kids running through my not so green grass.

It must be nice...

to be able to stay home with your kids. to go to work everyday outside of the house.

It must be nice...

to be able to breastfeed wherever and whenever.

to be able to pull out a formula bottle wherever and whenever.

It must be nice...


to only have one kid.

to have so many kids.

Are you seeing a trend here?

It must be nice to imagine how much easier another mother has it as opposed to ourselves, right?

How much greener her grass is. How much more help she has. How much better she must be at this parenting thing.

But, the truth is that motherhood isn't the same for everyone. Not one iota. Some women are naturals, others take a few days or months to get into the rhythm of it all.

We forget to look ahead towards our own path when we get too busy observing how others are doing things.

The truth is it's not always nice for that other mom. Just like it's not always nice for you.

Imagining what you think makes the grass greener on her side of the fence is pointless. Her grass is different from yours. She mows it differently, weeds it differently and nourishes it differently.

So next time "it must be nice" comes creeping into your thoughts, put it away. Kiss them goodbye and remember motherhood is unique to us all. The nice and the not so nice parts.

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