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How Do Video Games Improve Autism?

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Everyone loves a good video game, but autistic children have a particular fascination with the vibrant digital world of characters and make-believe situations. If your child has autism then introducing him to graphic video games packed with visual content is an excellent idea as it helps them open up.

What Kind Of Games Should Your Child Play?

Playing video games are good for kids with autism. They are a smart solution that help kids to open up and improve their social skills. There are loads of applications and games made especially for enhancing the interactive skills, cognitive flexibility and reflexes of the child. However, there may be instances where the kids are not interested in trying out these custom made games. They might show an inclination towards more mainstream content like Minecraft, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda - these video games are equally interactive and fun.

The Downsides

All said and done; video games have their fair share of disadvantages as well. Studies have proved how autistic children can get pretty obsessed with video games and display aggression and inattention. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose the gaming platform carefully and observe your child for signs of problematic behavior. Parents and educators are also encouraged to get involved in the games, as it strengthens their bond with the child.

Some Popular Games For Your Kid

Video games are a great platform for differently abled children who have retreated from the real world and face difficulties in completing simple everyday tasks. Games like If, Portal 2, Mario and Minecraft are excellent gaming options for autistic kids for developing their social skills and confidence. The visual tools keep the child engaged while the interactive platform teaches them all about cooperation and teamwork.

  • If, a game designed to teach children about the social-emotional learning skills (SEL) helps them learn the conventional social cues and reactions for building their conversational skills
  • Portal 2 is an open-ended gaming platform that develops better reflexes
  • Mario is a gaming world where autistic kids can learn the value of empathy, cooperation, and communication.

Contrary to popular belief, video games are not always harmful to your kid. Action games and RPing situations work toward stimulating their mind and make them sociable.

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