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How about we start to embrace aging?

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Some days I have to remind myself life moves forward and we all get older.

I may feel some days I’m still in my twenties, loving life, with little to no responsibility, and being as impulsive as my heart desires.

I may feel some days I’m still gazing at myself in my mirror with zero wrinkles and not one gray hair in sight.

But today is not one of those days...

Today is a day responsibilities weigh heavy on my heart.
Today is a day another wrinkle between my brows makes it appearance, as I worry about my girls.
But today is also a day to embrace life, for simply being here and being alive.

Today is a day to take hold of the days moving forward...
to embrace aging and not deny its presence...
to be proud to sport a few wrinkles...
to not use filters or fillers to cover up the course that is naturally happening.

Because friends, aren’t those wrinkles a sign of living?
A sign of loving life through laugh lines?
A sign of living life through furrowing brows when sadness or heartbreak happens?
A sign of being alive and not taken too soon from this universe?

So today, I embrace me...
all of me...

with some wrinkles,
some gray hair and
some extra cushion all around.

Today, I am okay with being me, the aging me.

I’m not here to impress anyone with a flawless self or perfection on the outside. It’s not possible nor will it ever be.

Let’s not worry about the new wrinkle that popped up over night.
Let’s not stress about the extra pound or two that appeared on the scale early this morning.
Let’s not be consumed with trying to reverse the clock.

Authenticity, my sweet friend, is perfection.

But if you try to stop me from getting a single process every few months, I may not be a good listener...
gray hair is a beast and a friend I am not so willing to embrace in a big hug just yet...

So carry on, age well, enjoy the moments and just be you!

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