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Imperfectly perfect through my son’s eyes

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In the interest of full transparency...

My youngest son took this of me tonight without me knowing. Then he brought me the camera and said:

“Look how pretty you look mama! That’s my mama!”

I was leaned over in the least flattering angle of all time transfixed on a lizard, not caring at all what my body looked like or worried about my facial expression...

Causing every roll and wrinkle to expose rather than straightening out to show the muscle tone or hide the overlay of the c-section scar.

Hair an air dried messy bun disaster thrown up in a 1990’s-esque scrunchie, no makeup for 3 days.

I would normally NEVER share a photo like this with the world.

But my son said I was beautiful so I don’t care about the rest.

Love yourself.
From every angle.
From every vantage point.
And don’t hide the imperfections.

No matter how hard you work to get in shape, we all have wrinkles and rolls when we’re bent over looking at lizards.

And if you’re a curly haired mama like me, your hair is a hot mess 99% of the time ;)

Also I’m eating off a paper plate because... classy.

Love and hugs ladies.

Let’s all toast this Sunday night to not being perfect and loving life anyway ♥️

- Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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