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Home Safety For Kids

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You don’t think too much about turning your home into a fortress when you’re single. If you have kids it’s crucial you beef up the security. You have to do everything possible to ensure burglars stay away. If they break into your home anything could happen.

It’s not enough to lock your doors and close your windows. There are a lot more steps you can take to keep your family safe. We’re going to look at some of the most popular ones today. I’d definitely recommend implementing them before it’s too late.

1. Put Smart Locks On Your Exterior Doors

You have to remember a determined burger will always find a way into your home, so your goal is to scare away the opportunistic ones. If someone is desperate for their next fix they won’t go near a home with smart locks.

They’ll never be able to pick the locks in a million years. It will also tell burglars you might have other surprises in store for them. There will be easier targets in your neighborhood they’ll gravitate towards.

2. Install A Couple Of Security Cameras

I doubt any burglar will attempt to break into homes with security cameras unless they know what is inside. It’s especially risky considering the advancements in technology we’ve seen over the years.

It’s okay if you can’t afford expensive security cameras. Put a few fake ones up instead like they do in shops. Professionals will be able to tell the difference, but normal home invaders won’t be so sure.

3. Hang A Few Motion Sensor Lights Outside

The reason why most burglars strike at night is because they don’t want to be seen. They’re quite happy staying in the dark where they won’t draw any attention. It’s why you should hang motion sensor lights outside.

What do you think they’ll do when the lights come on? They will turn around and run away within seconds. They’ll have no idea if one of your neighbors is staring at them and it’s not worth all the risks involved.

4. Remove Any Large Bushes In Your Garden

This relates to the point we’ve just touched on. Burglars don’t want to be seen near your home, but large bushes will help them. They’ll be able to sneak up to your home if they lead all the way to the windows.

You could say the same thing about large trees, but you obviously won’t want to cut them down. You can give the branches a good trim at the very least. Burglars shouldn’t be able to use any large objects to hide.

5. Start Closing Your Curtains At Night

If you keep your curtains open at night you’re inviting burglars to look inside. Not only will they know what kind of possessions you own, but they’ll know where they’re kept too. There is another big reason why it’s crucial.

You might be out and they’ll know they can break in without getting caught. If your curtains are closed they’ll never be 100 percent sure. It will only take a few minutes to close them once the sun goes down.

You Can’t Risk The Safety Of Your Kids

I hope you implement the tips we’ve talked about today, because you can’t risk the safety of your kids. There is nothing worse than burglars breaking in while your family cower upstairs. If you ignore these tips you’re unfortunately asking for trouble.

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