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Genius Ways To Make Your Home Even Safer For Young Kids

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If you have kids at home your ultimate goal is to keep them safe at all times. In fact, you’ve probably read about a few crucial things you should be doing. Even though it’s your mission to protect them your home will never be 100 percent safe.

There are probably a lot more things you could be doing at the moment. Maybe you didn’t realize they were a real danger to begin with. We’re going to look at a couple of areas you should focus on. I’m sure they’ll spark your imagination.

Lay Rugs Down On Your Bathroom Floor

If you’re interested in aesthetics a crystile glass subway tile will look wonderful on your bathroom floor. You’ll be able to walk on it without any problems when you jump out of the shower in the morning.

Young kids might not be so lucky, especially if you’re not there to help them. Lay down rugs if you want to ensure they don’t slip. Fortunately, you will have thousands of them to choose from.

Kids Shouldn’t Be Able To Open Windows

You can’t assume your children won’t be able to open windows. There are too many accidents every year that prove otherwise. Instead, you should guarantee you’re the only person who can open them up.

Do it with the aid of window stops, which will stop them from opening once they reach a certain height. Kids won’t be able to squeeze through the gaps. You can also override them whenever necessary.

Install Smart Locks On All Your Doors

Give dogs enough time and they’ll learn how to open doors. If you have a family pet, I’m sure you’ve seen it before. A young child with a curiosity about the outside world can be just as smart.

Leave your keys in the door and they could eventually discover how to open them. This would be a disaster if you’re not paying attention. Install smart locks and the problem will be eliminated.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Black Mold

Water has the ability to find its way anywhere. Not only should you clean it up straight away, but you should test for black mold regularly. Your immune system will be able to handle because you’re old.

It can affect small children a lot quicker due to their age. To be honest, it could be growing anywhere in your home right now. You’re unlikely to be looking in the places it’s going to be hiding.

Lowering The Temperature Of Your Water

Do you keep a very close eye on your children when they’re in the bath? Most parents don’t leave their kids alone for more than 10 seconds. They won’t have enough time to drown if they fall under the water.

Unfortunately, it’s more than enough time to leave them with scald marks. It will happen if they turn the hot water on. If you lower your water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit they’ll be okay.

Your Home Can Always Be Safer

Don’t give up once you’ve taken care of the things we’ve spoken about today. Your home can always be safer. You’ll need to keep thinking of new ways to improve your security if you have any young children.

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