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Challenge: Finding Your Village

Hey Friend, Don't hold anything back

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Hey Friend.

Don't hold anything back, alright?

I want for you to tell me everything until there's nothing left to share.

Do you struggle with self-esteem? Me too.

Do you long for balance? Uh-huh, I'm right there with you.

Do you gorge on snacks when your kids go to bed? Me freakin' too.

Do you yell at your kids and then stew in the guilt of it post-monster mom? Yup, I do, as well.

Can you finish a bottle of wine in one sitting? Holy Moly, what's wrong with you, lady?

Just kidding, of course.

I would never judge you, nor would I judge myself against you.

In fact, this little friendship thing we've got going, it's got me the exact opposite of against you -- it's got me in your corner and girl, I'm here to stay.

That is unless you ask me to leave, and I'll happily oblige because the incredibly awesome thing about authentic friends is that we can be honest with each other and not get our feelings hurt.


Hey Friend.

Don't hold anything back, alright?

Because when we are closed-off, we are not truly connecting and without genuine acceptance of who each of us and support for the person each of us wants to become, our "friendship" it won't be one of the good ones.

And you are a good one! Which is why I freakin want to keep you in my life and

drink coffee together, share our gripes, laugh together, have kid playdates, have mommy playdates, and fudgin' support the hell out of each other, however, the heck that looks.

Some days it will look like meme sharing on a bad day.

Other days it will look like surprising you with a delivery of your favorite iced coffee.

One day it might even look like a surprise party for you on your birthday or me begging you for a girls' trip to Sonoma.

But, on the daily, it will very much just look like a woman standing in front of her friend asking her to not hold anything back.

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