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Here's to the good uncles

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Here’s to the good Uncles

The Uncles that show up

The Uncles that build forts and big dreams

The Uncles that laugh at every joke and pretend like they are hearing it for the first time every single time

The Uncles that love without conditions


The Uncles that give another goodbye hug one more time for the fifth time in a row

The Uncles that get on the floor and play cars, go fishing and watch ballet recitals

The Uncles that listen to hopes and dreams and tell them they can do anything because they believe in them

The Uncles that would rather spend their weekends with their niece or nephew because they say their is no other place they would rather be

The Uncles that help with homework, hold little hands and sneak soda and ice cream when mom and dad aren’t looking

The Uncles that show up to all the practices and games, sit front and center and cheer the loudest

The Uncles that know just how important their role is and wouldn’t have it any other way

The Uncles that sit at the kids table just because and endure kids birthday parties without a single complaint

The Uncles that not only make memories but make the time to play such a huge role and fill shoes that nobody else could ever replace

The ones that know just how lucky they are to have that title and wouldn’t trade it for the world

Here’s to the good Uncles

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